We’re in local playing groups

Many OCRS members and friends also meet and play with several other recorder groups here in Southern California—they don’t just come to our monthly meeting. Listed below are the groups and members that we are aware of. If we have missed any groups or members please let Win Aldrich know so that he can update the list and hopefully publish an article later in the year. In several cases I have listed recent past members in parenthesis. Have you considered joining or starting a group?

Windsong Recorder Players: Jim Bradford, Letty Brooks, George Ennis, Jim Forrest, Rosellen Gates, Shirley Hager, Jeff Holt, Sylvia and Hans Huygen, Jean Lowe, Joan and David Mears, Beverly Simmons, Cathy and Russell Wilson, (LeNelle Cittadin, Bea Smith, Charles Everett)

Claremont Early Music Ensemble (CEME): Gloria Martin, Joan Presecan, Gwen Rodman, Lee and Bill Waggener, Win Aldrich, (Tish Kimball, Mary Bennett)

Village Pipers of the Claremont Community School of Music: Sandy Parker, Marcy Del Clements, Mary Elizabeth Wilkins, Jennifer Mawhorter, Mike Nicholes, Win Aldrich, Jim Forrest

SAMS: Susan Mason, Andy Dykes, Matt Ross, Steve Myers

Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra (LARO): Ricardo Berón, Brenda Bittner, Barbara Blinderman, Jim Forrest, Charlie Jackson, Miranda Manners, Debby Patterson, Matt Ross, plus many more

SCRS: Jo Redmon, Susan Mason, Joe Whiting, Jim Forrest, Miranda Manners, Charlie Jackson, Barbara Blinderman, Win Aldrich