Thank You! Keep That Money Coming!

Thank you to all those members who paid their dues before or at the September meeting. It will greatly facilitate my duties as Treasurer if the rest of the members will pay their dues before or at the October meeting. I’ll be at the meeting if you want to give me your dues payment that evening. A membership application is included in this newsletter.

When paying your dues, please complete an application so that OCRS will have your up-to-date contact information and your election whether to print your own sheet music. If you are paying in cash at the meeting, please complete the membership application and place it in an envelope with your money, write

your name on the outside of the envelope, and then seal the envelope before giving it to me. If paying by check at the meeting, please paper-clip or staple your check to your completed application. Alternatively, you may mail your dues check and completed application to me at the address shown on the application.

—Susan Mason, Treasurer