Recorder history in Los Angeles

Beginning of the Recorder Music Movement in the greater Los Angeles Area: A Brief History of How Things Started and Continue

As members of the Southern California recorder community, you are all part of the lively recorder world in the greater Los Angeles area. Over the years, many people have helped shape this environment by organizing workshops, society meetings, and concerts, by participating as players, as students, as teachers, as audience, and as society members and Board Presidents. Often volunteering their time, the common goal was and continues to be to create a scene in which we all get to enjoy the many wonderful aspects of playing the recorder.

There is general agreement that the history of this communal effort should be captured. As a first step toward the goal of a more exhaustive history, Ida Muellner has agreed to collect material. Please send her your written memories about specific events, concerts, workshops or general observations of episodes and developments. No detail is too small to be mentioned. Please be specific about dates and facts. Allow your memories to guide you back to your favorite stories, sayings, quotes, and impressions. If you have printed material such as concert programs or workshop announcements, feel free to include them along with your stories. Go back in history to the “founders” like Gloria Ramsey, Shirley Robbins, Shirley Marcus and Art Stilwell. Mention your experiences with the generation of Tom Axworthy, Lia Levin, Anne Young and many others. Write about the next generation such as Janet Beazley, Inga Funck and Rotem Gilbert.

Please feel free to send in short comments or lengthy reports, which ever suits your schedule and writing abilities better. The sum of all entries will result in a colorful story which should be a fascinating read for future generations.

Please contact Ida Muellner,