President’s Message

Here we are at the last meeting of the season. Did everybody have fun at the BYOB? I know I had as much fun performing as I did listening to the other bands. It’s so rare to hear a group play live with a matched consort of recorders. There was guitar and pennywhistle, too. I look forward to having it in the future.

Thanks to Russ Wilson for filling in for Sally Price in conducting. He did a fine job with emphasizing expression to match the sentiment of the music. If recorder players can learn to perform with as much sensitivity as a choir would, the recorder would garner more respect from musicians and lay people alike, as well as improve our playing skills.

This month, Alex Opsahl will conduct. I can’t wait to see her music and conducting style.

We will have nominations and elections for the board of officers for the 2016-2017 season thanks to the nominating committee that found people to serve. Are you happy with how things are currently done? Do you have any better ideas? Would you like to nominate anybody who you know would be a good fit for a certain position? Are you that person? Then now is your chance to do something. I have great confidence in the slate of officers for next year.

On a personal note, I am glad that I had the opportunity to serve as one of your presidents, the youngest in known OCRS history! I’m immensely proud of that fact. I got to see how this society works on a higher level, what really goes into a workshop, how the best conductors are chosen, and the changes made to improve and better meet the group’s needs. I have talked with many of you about how you feel about coming here and I hope that y’all will keep coming back. I will. I felt wholly inadequate for the position in the beginning of the year. Thank you all for your support and kind words to help me through. I know that we all look forward to another successful season

—Mike Nicholes