President’s Message

The Holiday Season is over and I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable time with friends and family. The season for resolutions is now upon us, and it is time to slow down and appreciate with gratitude the simpler things in life, commit to getting more exercise, eating healthful food, and of course practicing your recorder(s). Bill Lazar at Lazar’s Early Music in Mountain View has posted a number of instructional videos at This page has links to a series of YouTube videos by Sarah Jeffrey for beginning to advanced recorder players. She is upbeat and humorous and has great suggestions and demonstrations on technique, practicing, warm-ups, choosing instruments, etc. There is also Frances Blaker’s new book Opening Measures. “The articles in this collection were originally written one by one over a period of several years to appear in the Opening Measures column in American Recorder magazine. It is a gathering of topics, some about techniques specific to the recorder, others concerning various musical skills that are pertinent to musicians of all sorts. My goal with these articles is to help recorder players of all levels to move forward in their own playing.”—Frances Blaker. See the insert in the newsletter to order.

And speaking of the American Recorder Society- you can now join as a new member at ••• the standard price – $25 for a year and enjoy not only the quarterly American Recorder magazine with useful recorder news and doings around the country and the world and informative articles, and Newsletter, monthly recorder tidbits in the new ARS Nova email bulletins (even if you are not a member) as well as a website jammed packed with free music in the Members Library Editions, as well as many other resources to help you as a recorder player.

This month we have Janet Beazley leading us again. She always brings a smile, encouraging word, and beautiful music, so please welcome her on January 13th. For those of you that do not know, Janet married her long-time companion Chris Stuart last Summer and we all wish them much happiness together.

This May we are planning another BYOB (Bring Your Own Band) meeting in which the various ensembles, lesson groups, duos, or solo players from OCRS get the opportunity to play for the rest of us in a supportive non-threatening format. So it is time to start selecting and practicing for this fun evening. 

—Win Aldrich