President’s Message

Welcome to the 3rd issue of the OCRS Early Music Newsletter for November. First let me thank Rotem Gilbert for leading us in October with some beautiful music and her always insightful comments on how to play more beautifully. This month we are fortunate to again have Tom Axworthy leading us. They both make me again realize how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful conductors to lead us each month.

Last Saturday (10/22) Susan Mason and I attended the San Diego County Recorder Society’s annual workshop lead by Lisette Kielson and it too was wonderful — she is full of energy and brought many fun pieces to work on. Some of you may remember that she led one of our workshops several years ago. Lisette is a past President of ARS and is the Music Director of the Chicago Recorder Society. In talking with her, she said that they, like most ARS chapters, operate with a Music Director who leads most of the monthly meetings with only a few meetings lead by “outside” conductors. She commented on how nice it must be to have such a variety of conductors, music, and conducting styles and insights to work with.

Susan Mason reports that 40 members from 2015–2016 have renewed so far and that we have 3 new members. So of the 52 paid memberships from last year, 12 have not yet renewed. If you have not renewed please do so now. Susan will be at the meeting waiting to take your checks and renewal applications, and please consider making a donation at a level that you are comfortable with to help support OCRS. Also, if you have friends who you play with or know that play the recorder, bring them to a meeting, or give their names to Cathy Wilson who can contact them and send along a newsletter- get them hooked on the fun that we have.

I tend to collect exercises and studies for the recorder with the hope that it will inspire me to practice technique more often and recently I purchased a new addition. Alison Melville has just published “Hors d’Oeuvres — Studies for Alto Recorder” ISBN: 979-0-900-14741-7.

As she says in her introduction: “These studies were created to help improve technical facility while making music and having some fun in the process, and are intended for the use of intermediate and advanced recorder players. I offer these in the hope that they’ll be musically enjoyable as well as useful for assistance in the playing of the recorder’s multifaceted core repertoire. Some studies are presented in more than one key, and most are created for work on one or two specific technical issues”. This has turned out to be one of the more enjoyable collections that are indeed fun to play and work through and I recommend that you take a look at:

Lee and Bill Waggener have taken over the OCRS Newsletter and I urge you to send them any thoughts or additions to include in future issues. Many of you play in ensembles and consorts outside of OCRS and it would be wonderful to hear about what you are doing as well as your successes and trials in making these work.

—Win Aldrich