Prelude for September

Prelude: 7:20 PM: Dorcas Gazelle, Baroque Flute; and Jim Forrest, Classical Guitar will be playing the following Cantigas for our enjoyment:Acorrer Nos Pode (Cantiga 86)De Todo Mal (Cantiga 129)The Wizards of Arren (Cantiga de Tianina-701)A Virgen En Que (Cantiga 134)

The selections that Dorcas and Jim will be playing are more than nine hundred years old; yet these pieces are as vibrant, as exciting, and as seductive as they were centuries ago—they are addictive and very beautiful. They are arranged by Allan Alexander & Jessica Walsh, from the book: Ancient Airs, Cantigas & Dances for Flute & Guitar

These were originally planned to be played at the BYOB in May, but due to uncontrolled circumstances were not, and Dorcas and Jim have agreed to play them for us now.