Meet the Conductors for our Workshop

The conductors for our 2019 Spring Workshop on February 16 will be Jennifer Carpenter and Mark Davenport. Learn more about them.

President’s Message (December 2018)

I hope that you will attend our meeting on the 14thwith Sally Price who always brings fun, a sense of humor, and beautiful music to play. She will again be accompanied by the other members of Music Ficta who will play the Prelude at 7:15 pm – always a treat, plus it sounds like we will have some delicious goodies again this year.

Work is moving along on the details of the OCRS Recorder Workshop on Saturday, February 16th. This year we are again fortunate to have two highly respected professionals in the recorder world – Jennifer Carpenter and Mark Davenport- both from Colorado.

Their detailed bios are now up on the OCRS web site at:<>.

Jennifer and Mark have been discussing and planning the music for the workshop and the theme this season will be:

The Grand Tour

A regular feature of 17th- and 18th-century aristocratic education, “The Grand Tour” offered young noblemen and women an opportunity to travel throughout Europe, exposing them to their cultural legacies. Prepare your passports and travel with us to Germany, Spain, England, and the Low Countries where we will experience glimpses of our own musical heritage.

 It will be a day filled with beautiful music, learning, and enjoyment in playing together. The informational/registration flyer should be in your hands shortly if you have not already received it. What a great Holiday gift to yourself or a recorder playing friend.

As December approaches, I want to wish you all a peaceful, relaxing, and safe Holiday Season filled with gratitude in these tumultuous and stressful times.

Win Aldrich

President’s Message (November, 2018)

The availability for Early Music performances in Southern California seems to be exploding the last few years. And it is interesting how many of the recent groups all have performer connections with the Early Music Program at USC led by Rotem and Adam Gilbert who have changed the face of Early Music. To name a few:

These coupled with other more mature organizations such as:

all provide an incredible selection of performances for the 2018-2019 Season. Check out the listings at Southern California Early Music Society’s Calendar at <> and consider joining and supporting SCEMS. Peace and enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season.

Win Aldrich

President’s Message (October, 2018)

It is perhaps worth reflecting how fortunate we are in OCRS to have so many wonderful, talented conductors to lead us for each of our monthly meetings. Most ARS Chapters around the country have the same music director each month. This Season we will have 8 long-time favorites and 2 new, young, exciting Early Music professionals to lead us. This is all possible only if we have sufficient dues-paying members to support us. If you have not already paid your dues, be sure to complete the Membership Application so that we can send you the newsletter and notification of the music availability for the monthly meetings. And if you know of someone who plays recorder, why not bring them to the next meeting to introduce them to the joys of playing beautiful music together. Also, remember to save the date for our Recorder Workshop on Saturday, February 16th with Mark Davenport and Jennifer Carpenter.

Win Aldrich

Welcome (September, 2018)

Welcome to the 2018-2019 season of the Orange County Recorder Society.

We have ten exciting meetings planned for you, with a different professional conductor at each one. We are also planning a workshop for the spring. This is always a popular full-day event, drawing players from all over Southern California. See below. We’ll keep you posted as plans firm up.

If you’re new, you may attend one meeting for free and then we hope you will join. Returning members, please remember to pay your dues. The application is here.

Do you have instruments to sell or other items for our classified ads page? Contact the webmaster.

Time to pay your dues!

A membership application is included here. Please pay your dues before or at the September meeting. Please include a completed membership application with your dues payment in order to provide OCRS with your up-to-date contact information and your election whether to print your own sheet music. If you intend to pay your dues in cash at the meeting, please complete the membership application and place it in an envelope with your money, write your name on the outside of the envelope, and then seal the envelope before giving it to the Treasurer. If paying by check at the meeting, please paper-clip or staple your check to your completed application. Alternatively, you may mail your dues check and completed application to the Treasurer at the address shown on the application. —Susan Mason, Treasurer

Save The Date
OCRS Recorder Workshop Saturday, February 16, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the OCRS Recorder Workshop will be held Saturday, February 16, 2019 again at The Trinity Episcopal Church, 2400 Canal Street, Orange, CA. We are fortunate to have two well-known and respected faculty – Jennifer Carpenter and Mark Davenport. Mark your calendars, more details and registration information will be coming shortly.


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