Meet the New Officers

Our new officers will be busy keeping OCRS meetings and activities running smoothly. Here is a brief breakdown of their duties:

President, Win Aldrich: line up the conductors, run the meetings, keep in contact with other officers.

Membership Development, Cathy Wilson: keep records of members, welcome in new members, assist in advertising for members.

Secretary/Newsletter Editors, Lee & Bill Waggener: take notes at board meetings, publish the newsletter, communicate with conductors.

Hospitality , Jim Forrest: coordinate refreshments for meetings, greet visitors and members.

Treasurer, Susan Mason: collect dues/manage the monetary accounts, pay bills, prepare budget and yearly financial report.

Publicist/Webmaster, Carol Jacoby: develop and update the website, assist with advertising events.

Workshop directors, Mary Van Cott-Hand and Miranda Manners: plan the yearly workshop and organize the committee to help.