It’s Election Time

No, I don’t mean US President. I mean OCRS board members for the 2017 – 2018 season!

Our by-laws state that in April we shall elect a three person Nominating Committee. They will make up a slate of officers and present it to the membership at our June meeting. It will then be voted on, and voila, we shall have a wonderful group of officers to carry on our mission for next year. We MUST do this every year.

If you care about OCRS and the quality of our wonderful recorder experiences please consider serving on this committee. The time commitment is small. The job entails contacting prospective officers, most of whom already serve on the board and are willing to continue. You discuss it with your committee and present the slate to the membership in June. You will not be working alone, and you will have a say in what goes on next year. There is a detailed instruction sheet that walks you through this simple process.

If you can be part of our Nominating Committee please call or email me any time of the day or night. Do it soon. Please.

Win Aldrich OCRS PresidentCell: 909-374-2982, Home: 909-625-7722email: