Here we list upcoming concerts that include or are supported by our members or conductors. Please send listings to the webmaster. Include “OCRS” in the subject line.

We are fortunate that there are many great concerts in Southern California all year. We cannot list them all. Here is a list of local concert resources, including area chamber and early music venues, with links. Also check these excellent sources:

​Performances including our conductors


Tesserae includes our conductor Alex Opsahl.

A notice from Tesserae:

Help support our musicians
Tesserae is sad to announce that its season finale on June 7th is canceled. Our main stage debut at the 2020 Berkeley Early Music Festival will also need to wait, as the entire festival has also been canceled. While we are disappointed, our immediate concern is with our musicians, who are facing months of cancelations and an incredibly uncertain future.
With this in mind, the Tesserae board has set itself the ambitious goal of offering a full fee to all musicians involved in our June project. If you would like to join with us to help, please consider making a contribution. Our hard-working, amazing musicians have given so much to us over the years. Now it is our turn to be there for them.
You can donate the ‘old-fashioned’ way by sending a check to Tesserae at
428 East Las Flores Drive, Altadena, CA 91001.
You can also donate via facebook, or by visiting our website.

We know everybody is affected during these difficult times, and we wish you all the best of health. We very much look forward to coming together again soon to celebrate some of the most fantastic music ever written, and we will simply have to make our big Gabrieli event even bigger and better!

Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra 

Directed by Thomas Axworthy 

LARO includes many members of OCRS and is led by our long-time conductor Tom Axworthy.

For further information, or call Thomas Axworthy (Music Director) 562-773-2265

The Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra is one of a growing number of recorder orchestras that have sprung up in Europe and around the United States in recent years. The recorder is a Renaissance or Baroque flute. Renaissance music written for “flute” was actually performed at that time on an alto recorder.

Our orchestra was founded in 2004 and currently has about thirty players from all around Southern California, playing all different sizes and shapes of recorder, from the tiny 9-inch sopranino to the 8-foot-plus SubContraBass. The group plays compositions ranging from the Renaissance period to the present.

We generally perform three concert programs per year, typically February, June, and September. We play a wide variety of music. Our concerts are free to the public.

Ciaramella Early Music Ensemble

Ciaramella Early Music Ensemble ventures toward modern times with intoxicating dance melodies from musicians who lived from the 1500s into the Baroque era. Ground bass patterns underlie all of this music; sometimes one can hear it clearly and sometimes the ground bass line is veiled within the polyphony. Ciaramella performs on shawms, recorders, bagpipes, sackbuts, plucked-string instruments, and percussion, improvising florid polyphony in the manner of the Burgundian alta capella ensembles that piped across Renaissance Europe.

Members include our conductors Rotem Gilbert and Adam Gilbert. See

USC Thornton Baroque Sinfonia

The USC Thornton Baroque Sinfonia (formerly the USC Thornton Early Music Ensemble) is a period-instrument ensemble whose members are among the most gifted instrumentalists at the USC Thornton School. The Baroque Sinfonia is led by Adam Gilbert, the director of the Early Music program. Specializing in music from the seventeenth- through mid-eighteenth century, it has performed in the U.K.-L.A. Festival, the Los Angeles Bach Festival, the Long Beach Bach Festival, the J. Paul Getty Summer Music Festival, the Cal State Summer Arts Festival and concert series at UCLA, Occidental College, Chapman University, the Skirball Cultural Center and many others. As a winner in the Early Music America Collegium, the Baroque Sinfonia was be among six ensembles who performed at Early Music America’s Young Performers Festival in 2014. Its performances have been heard on NPR, and its members—past and present—populate some of the best professional ensembles on both coasts. Solo singers specializing in baroque styles and techniques also take part in the concerts.

La Mer Consort

Directed by Brenda Bittner.

To participate, see classes

A chapter of the American Recorder Society, Orange County, California