Clea and Rotem Gave Us Quite a Day

Good food, good company and good recorder conversation always makes for a good party. Add Rotem Gilbert and Clea Galhano and you have a spectacular day. 50 participants had such a day in February at our annual workshop held at the First United Methodist Church in Fullerton. After spending all day inspiring us with their lessons Rotem and Clea still had the energy to put on a phenomenal concert. Rotem’s bagpipe and Clea’s Brazilian solo were out of this world. Two interesting things I noticed—everyone was totally focused and with it; some people have really good posture. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a total group shot. I was having so much fun playing “Hava Nagia” and “Brasilia” in the tutti orchestra, I forgot all about taking pictures. Visit the OCRS website to view lots more pictures and perhaps get a glimpse of yourself.

Mary Van Cost-Hand