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We want to thank Shirley Hager, and Lee and Bill Waggener who brought the refreshments for the May Meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break, as well as Judy and George Ennis.

The refreshments for the upcoming June meeting will be supplied by Cynthia Thornberg, Susan Mason, and Gwen Rodman. You may notice that several people repeatedly bring refreshments.

If it is your turn to provide refreshments for a meeting, and many of you haven’t, please contact: Jim Forrest,, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.


In order to attend OCRS monthly meetings (other than as a one-time guest), a person must be a member. To become a member for the current year, from July 2015 through June 2016, please mail a completed Membership Application and your dues check to the address shown on the application. The Membership Application is included in this newsletter and is also available for downloading at

—Susan Mason, Treasurer 

Calling All Devoted Recorder Players

Are you interested in who conducts our meetings? Do you sometimes want to say how you think we should do things? Do you come to most of our events? Then you should consider joining the OCRS Board. It meets once in the summer to plan, then keeps in touch through email or phone. You develop friends and relationships with some very competent, nice people.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in OCRS please contact me. If you have a particular office you are interested in let me know (even if you think someone already holds that office). If you just want to help with an existing job, call me. There are always things you can be involved in.

Here is a brief breakdown of the board offices necessary for the smooth running of our monthly meetings:

President — line up the conductors, run the meetings, keep in contact with other officers.

Membership Development — Kkeep records of members, welcome in new members, assist in advertising for members.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor — take notes at board meetings, publish the newsletter, communicate with conductors.

Hospitality — coordinate refreshments for meetings, greet visitors and members.

Treasurer — collect dues/manage the monetary accounts, pay bills, prepare budget and yearly financial report.

Webmaster— develop and update the website, assist with advertising events.

Workshop director — plan the yearly workshop and organize the committee to help.

If you have a suggestion or are interested, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee: Gloria Martin, Mike Nicholes, Sandy Thompson. For contact information, see the newsletter.


From the webmaster

It’s good to be back! We were the victims of a very nasty random hack. If you tried to visit the site you probably got a scary warning from Google. In the meantime, we were able to post the music to a temporary site, That’s our fallback if this ever happens again.

The good news is that the site has now been thoroughly checked and is clean. Google has taken it off the blacklist. I can send you information once again. The bad news is that a lot got lost, so much of it is out of date.  I’m still working on it. I hope to have it all back and running as good as new by the June meeting.

Thanks for your patience.

From the President

Welcome back.

Mike Nicholes and I are pleased to be your new co-presidents. Miranda Manners is taking over the VP position of Membership.

You may have already received a call from her, as she is actively recruiting past, present and future members. We are fortunate
that the remainder of the board are our experienced competent returning members.

Carol Jacoby has for years maintained a wonderful website for OCRS. It turns out a lot of people have never visited it. We are going to try to change that. For the prelude at our September meeting Carol will give us a quick lesson on how to navigate the site. She will teach us about the links to all sorts of wonderful opportunities and resources. I guarantee both the tech savvy and the computer challenged (that’s me) will find this prelude very useful. Prelude starts at 7:20.

The 2015 – 2016 season is shaping up nicely. In addition to a terrific lineup of monthly conductors, Vicki Boeckman will be coming down from Seattle to do our annual workshop in February. We will be starting off this month with our very own Russ Wilson as our first conductor. I talked with him recently, and he has some beautiful music lined up and some fun stuff too.

Last June I attended the SCRS workshop which they called “Bring Your Own Band”.  About eight ensembles performed during the first half of the meeting. It was absolutely delightful and inspiring to listen to people who just plain enjoy getting together with their friends and perform. I would like to copy their idea and incorporate “Bring Your Own Band” night into our May or June meeting.

So, you all have plenty of time to prepare with your small ensemble. We will of course continue to have preludes before each meeting.

This summer I took the plunge and attended my first summer multi-day work shop – Port Townsend Early Music Workshop. Wow! What an experience. Cream of the crop instructors, new friends, hanging with OCRS friends, wonderful music, all made a believer out of me. By day three my brain was full, but I came home an improved recorder player. My favorite session was the large recorder orchestra. If you attended a workshop write up a couple of paragraphs and pass it to Win for the newsletter. Everyone would enjoy reading about it.

Read on in the newsletter to learn about the schedule for 2015-16 season, carpool opportunities, incentives to get your dues paid early, how to get your music printed out and more.

Hope to see you all in just a few weeks. In the mean time, I’m going to check out the OCRS website.

—Mary Van Cott-Hand 

Pay Your Dues

A membership application is included in the newsletter. Please pay your dues before or at the September meeting. The OCRS Treasurer will be at the September meeting to accept membership dues, if you prefer to pay at the meeting rather than by mailing in a check.

When paying your dues, please complete an application so that OCRS will have your up-to-date contact information and your election whether to print your own sheet music. If you are paying in cash at the meeting, please complete the membership application and place it in an envelope with your money, write your name on the outside of the envelope, and then seal the envelope before giving it to the Treasurer. If paying by check at the meeting, please paper-clip or staple your check to your completed application. Alternatively, you may mail your dues check and completed application to the Treasurer at the address shown on the application.

—Susan Mason, Treasurer


Join Now and Win

All members who have paid their 2015-2016 dues by or at the September meeting will be entered in a drawing. The prize: a pair of tickets to the movie of your choice. Good fall movies are hitting the theaters any day now.

First Time Members — The first three people to become First Time OCRS members (never been a member before) will receive a copy of Frances Blaker’s book, “Opening Measures” (a $25 book). No drawing involved, just be one of the first to hand your application form and check to Susan Mason (treasurer) and the book is yours. Frances is one of the best teachers ever. Her book is a collection of articles she wrote for the ARS magazine over many years. If I wasn’t already a member, I would join just to get this book.

Got Your Music Printed Out?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot print out the sheet music for the monthly meetings we can help with that. If you are a member and would like this service, email your name and instrument you play to We ask for a $20 donation for the year. There is also a place on the application form to request this service.

You must be a member to receive this service.

President’s Letter, June, 2014

Hi, Everyone! We made it to the end of another successful season! We had some very good conductors this year, and most commented on our level of play. They were pleased that we played so well and were such good sight-readers.Hi, Everyone! We made it to the end of another successful season! We had some very good conductors this year, and most commented on our level of play. They were pleased that we played so well and were such good sight-readers.

Hi, Everyone! We made it to the end of another successful season! We had some very good conductors this year, and most commented on our level of play. They were pleased that we played so well and were such good sight-readers.

We gained some new members this year and now have several conductors among our midst! Our workshop was a success, though we didn’t make much money. However, the two faculty were excellent and those who did attend seemed to be most pleased. Continue reading President’s Letter, June, 2014