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3-D Printing of Musical Instruments

Charlie Jackson is making a presentation on 3-D Printing of Musical Instruments on January 27th in Rolling Hills Estate: “3D Printing, Microwave Design, and Woodwinds Come Together” by Charles Jackson.

People have been making musical instruments for a long time; for over 40,000 years. We use whatever we can find to make them. Today we can use 3D printers to make them. This talk will show how to apply microwave theory (transmission line theory, network analysis, and S-Parameters) to the design of woodwind instruments; especially renaissance instruments such as the flute, crumhorn, or cornetto. The talk will then show how to use 3D printing to make working instruments.

Charles Jackson has had an interest in the design of woodwind instruments for many years. He has written articles on Quasi-optical components, High Temperature Superconductors for microwave applications, Ferroelectric phase shifters, and Microwave Radiometers. He has been awarded three

patents. He is on the Center Staff of the RFMS of Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. He was President of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in 2001, and is a Fellow of the IEEE.

For more information, contact Charlie at


A Message from ARS President

Thank you for making a recorder community! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The American Recorder Society thanks you for all you do. • Thank you for clapping for your friends, no matter what.
• Thank you for explaining to airport security what those tubes are that you are carrying.
• Thank you for moving furniture so your friends can come over and play.
• Thank you for practicing sopranino in the basement, when requested.
• Thank you for sharing your instruments, but not your colds.
• Thank you for overcoming stage fright.
• Thank you for happily answering when asked, “Isn’t that what 2nd graders play?”
• Thank you for playing songs that were hits before your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother was born.
• Thank you for your passion for the recorder. We want to celebrate you, to celebrate all the ways you support our recorder community. Keep an eye out this month for the stories you’ve made possible and get ready to hear it over and over: thank you.
From all of us at the American Recorder Society, thank you for being a member of our community.

Yours, David Podeschi, ARS Board President

Paperless Possibilities for Music

There are many possibilities for downloading music to an iPad or other tablet. I have started using ForScore because it is possible to notate the music quite easily, but any PDF reader will also work. This saves having to sort through and file everything needed for the meeting, and after the meeting I print only what our group might like to play. I have also found that even though the print looks smaller than a paper copy, the backlight makes it more readable, and I can enlarge it if necessary. All the copies are kept on the iPad and I can easily search for anything that I want to see again by title. A playlist is set up for each meeting so it’s possible to search by the date of the meeting. ForScore is $9.99 at the App Store. I also Googled PDF readers for tablets and found plenty of information for possibilities that are not just for music. If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please find me at a meeting. I’m usually playing alto.

—Lee Waggener

Join Now and Win

All members who have paid their 2015-2016 dues by or at the September meeting will be entered in a drawing. The prize: a pair of tickets to the movie of your choice. Good fall movies are hitting the theaters any day now.

First Time Members — The first three people to become First Time OCRS members (never been a member before) will receive a copy of Frances Blaker’s book, “Opening Measures” (a $25 book). No drawing involved, just be one of the first to hand your application form and check to Susan Mason (treasurer) and the book is yours. Frances is one of the best teachers ever. Her book is a collection of articles she wrote for the ARS magazine over many years. If I wasn’t already a member, I would join just to get this book.

We’re in local playing groups

Many OCRS members and friends also meet and play with several other recorder groups here in Southern California—they don’t just come to our monthly meeting. Listed below are the groups and members that we are aware of. If we have missed any groups or members please let Win Aldrich know so that he can update the list and hopefully publish an article later in the year. In several cases I have listed recent past members in parenthesis. Have you considered joining or starting a group? Continue reading We’re in local playing groups

Recorder history in Los Angeles

Beginning of the Recorder Music Movement in the greater Los Angeles Area: A Brief History of How Things Started and Continue

As members of the Southern California recorder community, you are all part of the lively recorder world in the greater Los Angeles area. Over the years, many people have helped shape this environment by organizing workshops, society meetings, and concerts, by participating as players, as students, as teachers, as audience, and as society members and Board Presidents. Often volunteering their time, the common goal was and continues to be to create a scene in which we all get to enjoy the many wonderful aspects of playing the recorder.

There is general agreement that the history of this communal effort should be captured. Continue reading Recorder history in Los Angeles