How to get the music for the meeting

Music is no longer being emailed because it was a burden for some members’ email boxes. Please go to the home page to download it when it is available — usually a few days before the monthly meeting. You can choose to download all of it or just the parts you want to play. Music is supplied as PDF files, the same format as the newsletter. We encourage members to download their music before the meeting to minimize the increasing costs of copying.

If your computer for some reason lacks a program for reading PDFs, click here to obtain the copy of Adobe Reader applicable to your computer system — select operating system, language, and version and then click on “Download Now”.

The conductor only brings sheet music for those four members who indicated on their Membership Applications that they are unwilling to print their sheet music for meetings. If you indicated that you will print your music and you’re unable to do so for a particular meeting, you will need to contact another member to ask him or her to print your music for you. If you can’t contact another member, please arrive at the meeting early and ask another member whether you can look on to his or her sheet music for the evening.