Calling All Devoted Recorder Players

Are you interested in who conducts our meetings? Do you sometimes want to say how you think we should do things? Do you come to most of our events? Then you should consider joining the OCRS Board. It meets once in the summer to plan, then keeps in touch through email or phone. You develop friends and relationships with some very competent, nice people.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in OCRS please contact me. If you have a particular office you are interested in let me know (even if you think someone already holds that office). If you just want to help with an existing job, call me. There are always things you can be involved in.

Here is a brief breakdown of the board offices necessary for the smooth running of our monthly meetings:

President — line up the conductors, run the meetings, keep in contact with other officers.

Membership Development — Kkeep records of members, welcome in new members, assist in advertising for members.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor — take notes at board meetings, publish the newsletter, communicate with conductors.

Hospitality — coordinate refreshments for meetings, greet visitors and members.

Treasurer — collect dues/manage the monetary accounts, pay bills, prepare budget and yearly financial report.

Webmaster— develop and update the website, assist with advertising events.

Workshop director — plan the yearly workshop and organize the committee to help.

If you have a suggestion or are interested, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee: Gloria Martin, Mike Nicholes, Sandy Thompson. For contact information, see the newsletter.