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President’s Message

Our OCRS Recorder Workshop was two weeks ago and we had 22 of the 40 people in attendance. It was wonderful to be able to bring members of the Central Coast Recorder Society, Southern California Recorder Society, San Diego County Recorder Society, and the Long Beach OLLI recorder group together to learn and make music together. Both Anne Timberlake and Miyo Aoki carried through the theme of the workshop “Make a Joyful Noise” by emphasizing the role that singing, breath, articulation, and phrasing bring to recorder playing. In the Intermediate Technique Session, Anne stressed the importance of breathing through “inviting in and allowing out” with a “low and loose” relaxation so important in singing. She also had us work on achieving a clear resonance through the playing of long tones. What was different this year was that this was less a day-long playing session, but rather there were fewer pieces of music and what was selected was worked on for a longer period of time in order to understand each piece better and what was important to achieve the beauty and musicality intended.

Workshops, in general, can give you the tools and knowledge and broaden your sense of what is possible. But, it still takes dedication and work based on these principles to achieve your goals. This can and should be uncomfortable to some extent or what is the point? The value of an extended workshop is enhanced if you have a goal, a focused goal, to learn something new be it a style of music, playing a new size of recorder, or improved articulation and/or tone. There is also the opportunity in a multi-day workshop to have the down-time to talk to, listen to, and learn from fellow students and faculty in a more relaxed atmosphere. But you have to go. There are a number of workshops listed here in the newsletter from a single afternoon, to day-long, weekend, and week-long opportunities to learn and be inspired. The first time is always scary and filled with anxiety, as with any new endeavor. Just do it, you will come back inspired.

I want to thank several people who collectively made the workshop possible, run smoothly and whose commitment and dedication is much appreciated—Gloria Martin, Lee Waggener, Bill Waggener, Gwen Rodman, Susan Mason, and Carol Jacoby.

—Win Aldrich


We want to thank Sally Price, Hava Blasberg, and Joe Whiting for the refreshments at the February meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

Alva Marques-Walters, Mike Nicholes, and Win Aldrich will be bringing the refreshments for the upcoming March meeting.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

President’s Message

Well, we have reached the mid-point of the OCRS 2017–2018 Season, and it is worthwhile to stop and take a look at where we are on several fronts. First, membership this season has dropped to ~45, where last year there were 53 memberships and not that long ago there were 66 memberships At the current membership level, OCRS doesn’t cover its expenses; and it is only thanks to several generous donors that OCRS is in as good a financial shape as it is.

Decrease in memberships is not unique among recorder societies. Membership is down at our sister chapter SCRS, at the Denver Recorder Society, and at many other recorder societies across the country. This is probably due to a number of factors. For example, many recorder players who started Continue reading President’s Message


We want to thank Susan Mason for the beverages, Matt Ross for the wonderful gooey Persian treats and Susan Marquez for the delicious home-baked pear pastry for the refreshments at the January meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

Sally Price, Hava Blasberg, and Joe Whiting will supply the refreshments for the upcoming February meeting.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

Jim Forrest

New OCRS Web Site

We hope you’ve gotten in the habit of checking our new web site here.  A new web became necessary after all the problems we had with the old site last year again being corrupted. The new web site address/url is: It is similar to the old address but there is now an “s” on “recorders”. We will be taking down the old site soon, so be sure to update your address.

Carol Jacoby

President’s Message

A New Year is upon us and I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, and productive 2018.

I want to thank Sally Price and Musica Ficta for a wonderful meeting last month. There may not have been many in attendance, but Sally selected/arranged some beautiful music for us to play and I do not think that we have ever sounded better as a group. The Prelude featured several pieces especially arranged for us by Sally and played with style and finese. She and the group put a lot of time and effort into preparing for us and it showed through in beauty.

This month we have Adam Bregman, who is new to us, but well known in Early Music World both here in the United States and Europe leading us. Adam, who specializes in sackbut, is currently studying at the USC Thornton School of MusicEarly Music Program after recently studying in Belgium and he plays with Piffaro—the Renaissance Band, Ciaramella Ensemble for the Music of the 15th Century. Please plan to attend and welcome him to OCRS.

As Sally Price mentioned again last month she has put together for us a session on learning and improving to play alto up. She passed around a sign-up sheet and 3 people indicated that they were interested. We need more than that to make this happen, so if you are interested in expanding your playing/reading ability, please let me know at It would be ideal if we could get something like 8-10 people so that we can go ahead and make plans and arrangements. This would be supported by OCRS and would be a several hours long mini-workshop with at most a modest donation expected.

Registration sign-ups for the OCRS Recorder Workshop on February 17th have started coming in. We are looking forward to a good turnout again this year, but do not wait to sign-up until the last minute.

See you the 12th,

—Win Aldrich

3-D Printing of Musical Instruments

Charlie Jackson is making a presentation on 3-D Printing of Musical Instruments on January 27th in Rolling Hills Estate: “3D Printing, Microwave Design, and Woodwinds Come Together” by Charles Jackson.

People have been making musical instruments for a long time; for over 40,000 years. We use whatever we can find to make them. Today we can use 3D printers to make them. This talk will show how to apply microwave theory (transmission line theory, network analysis, and S-Parameters) to the design of woodwind instruments; especially renaissance instruments such as the flute, crumhorn, or cornetto. The talk will then show how to use 3D printing to make working instruments.

Charles Jackson has had an interest in the design of woodwind instruments for many years. He has written articles on Quasi-optical components, High Temperature Superconductors for microwave applications, Ferroelectric phase shifters, and Microwave Radiometers. He has been awarded three

patents. He is on the Center Staff of the RFMS of Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. He was President of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in 2001, and is a Fellow of the IEEE.

For more information, contact Charlie at



We want to thank Gloria Martin, March del Clements, Carlos Marques, Susan Gawthrop, and Win Aldrich for the refreshments at the December meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

The refreshments for the upcoming January meeting will be supplied by Susan Mason and Matt Ross

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

OCRS Workshop

Make a Joyful Noise

An Orange County Recorder Society Workshop

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trinity Episcopal Church,
2400 Canal Street in Orange, California

The voice is our oldest instrument. But end-blown flutes like the recorder weren’t far behind, and that’s not an accident. As with singing, breath, articulation, and phrasing lie at the heart of recorder playing. We’ll “sing” music inspired by, or intended for, our purest form of musical expression.

We are pleased to announce that OCRS will be hosting their annual Recorder Workshop on Saturday, February 17th. This season we are fortunate to have 2 outstanding up-and-coming musicians, performers, teachers in the country. Anne Timberlake from St Louis and Miyo Aoki from Seattle. To learn more about them see

Workshop details: 
• Registration & Coffee: 9:00 a.m.
• Workshop: 9:30 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.
• Refreshments & Lunch will be provided
Small-group, ability-level sessions will be taught by both clinicians; and they will switch groups so that everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from both of them. There will also be a full group (tutti) orchestra session.

Workshop session schedule, directions and music will be sent by email to all participants a few days prior to the workshop. Please print and bring your music.

For more information or questions contact: Win Aldrich at 909-625-7722 or

Here is the flyer and registration form: OCRS Workshop2018.