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Meet the Conductors

Photo of Greta Haug-Hryciw
Greta Haug-Hryciw

Greta Haug-Hryciw is the third generation of a family of San Francisco musicians. As a child, she studied piano technique and theory with Bethel Melvin, and later with San Francisco Opera Orchestra pianist Reina Schivo. Her interest in the recorder blossomed during high school and for several years she played with the San Francisco branch of the New York Recorder Workshop under the direction of Peter Erlich. She played in and co-directed the American Recorder Orchestra of the West (AROW) with Richard Geisler from 2005-2010 and has been co-director of the Barbary Coast Recorder Orchestra (BCRO) with Frances Feldon since its inception in 2011. She regularly performs with her ensembles SDQ and Ensemble Trecento, and also appears with the Peralta Consort, Gryphons Wild, and the Sacramento-based contemporary ensemble Uncorked. She teaches recorder to students of all ages, produces concerts and arranges music for small ensembles and recorder orchestra. Greta has been music director for Half Moon Bay’s (CA) Coastal Repertory Theatre, is a frequent teacher and director’s assistant at summer workshops, and a guest conductor at American Recorder Society chapters around the country. She currently serves on the ARS Board of Directors and is president of the San Francisco ARS chapter.

Miyo Aoki

Miyo Aoki is a dedicated recorder player and teacher, performing music ranging from medieval to modern and teaching students of all ages and levels. She has performed in the US, Germany, and Poland, with groups including Farallon Recorder Quartet, The Eurasia Consort, and Gamut Bach Ensemble, and at the Bloomington Early Music Festival and Whidbey Island Music Festival.  She has premiered works by contemporary composers Natalie Williams, Agnes Dorwarth and Adam Haws, and recently she was delighted to play as part of the Seattle Symphony and Oregon Symphony orchestras in the score to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  In addition to her teaching work for Early Music Seattle’s outreach programs, she teaches regularly at workshops such as the Port Townsend Early Music Workshop, SFEMS Recorder Workshop, and Hidden Valley Early Music Workshop.  Miyo holds a KAZ Diplom (Artist Diploma) from the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen, Germany, where she studied with Professor Han Tol, and degrees in both early music performance and mathematics from Indiana University, where she studied with Professor Eva Legêne.

President’s Message

It is hard to believe that this is the last meeting of the 2017–2018 Season before we head off for the summer. This month we have Brenda Bittner leading us, and the Windsong Recorder Group will be playing the Prelude at 7:20. It is also the month that we have the Annual Member’s Meeting in which we vote on two issues. The first is the election of officers for the 2018–2019 Season. The Nominating Committee has worked to provide the slate of proposed officers as listed in the included announcement. There is still one position open-Vice President for Membership Development, and nominations for all positions are open to proposals from the floor. 

The second topic is voting on the proposed membership dues structure for next year. Susan Mason has included the Financial Report/Statement of Sources and Uses of Funds for the past 2017–2018 Season, and she will be making a proposal for next season’s fee structure once the Board has voted on and approved her recommendation. Susan has agreed to lead the meeting, discussions, and voting as unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the meeting. We have our grandson’s graduation ceremonies in Oakland next Thursday and Friday, and additionally, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to play recorders with the Los Angeles Baroque Fringe performance at the Berkeley Early Music Festival on Friday. 

As the season draws to a close, the hope is that you enjoyed and learned something from each of our monthly conductors and the workshop we had in February. As has been obvious, membership and attendance has been down this year, and fortunately we had 7 people join as new members or returned as former members, yet we lost 16 members from last year. We are not unique in this respect, and it is important to bring potential members from your playing sessions, classes, or interested people you meet at concerts. It is also helpful that you bring any and all comments, questions, and suggestions you might have to the attention of the officers.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer, 

—Win Aldrich

Slate of Officers for 2018-2019 Season

Thanks to the efforts of the Nominating Committee- Marcyn Del Clements, Mike Nicholes, and Judy Seki soliciting members to volunteer for Board Officer positions for next year we have a slate to be voted on at the Annual Members meeting this month. Nominations are also accepted from the floor if the person being nominated has previously agreed to be considered.

President: Win Aldrich
Vice President, Membership Development: Open—need a volunteer
Vice President, Hospitality: Carlos Marques
Secretary/Newsletter: Sandy Thompson
Treasurer: Susan Mason
Workshop Program: Win Aldrich,Coordinator
Publicist/Webmaster: Carol Jacoby


We want to thank Marie Lee, Susan Marquez, Lily Wu, and Mike Nicholes for bringing the refreshments for the May meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

Julith Neff, Susan Mason, and Joe Whiting will be bringing the refreshments for the upcoming June meeting.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up. 

President’s Message

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the premier performance of the Coburn Conservatory’s Baroque Ensemble led by Ian Pritchard of Tesserae fame and it was an incredible performance of several Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi pieces by young, enthusiastic students. It made me realize how fortunate we are in Southern California to have such a dynamic and growing early music scene. As I look over the concert calendars that I have included in the OCRS newsletters of the last 6 years, I was reminded of the many groups and individuals who have contributed to this growth that now goes back several decades as well as the several new groups that have appeared recently.  Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble bringing choral music to Los Angeles since 1968, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (1968): Baroque Conversations, built upon a tradition of joyous music-making performed by exceptional artists, the Corona del Mar Baroque Music Festival with Elizabeth Blumenstock presenting an astounding wealth and diversity of Baroque music in a wide variety of ways since 1981, Con Gioia with Preethi de Silva, Los Angeles Baroque Players, and the Harpsichord Center Artist Series with Tony Brasier bringing outstanding performances on period instruments, Musica Angelica bringing some of the best Baroque musicians from across the country and Europe since 1993, the USC Thornton School of Music’s Early Music program with Adam and Rotem Gilbert who, since 2005 who have done so much to bring world-wide recognition and a host of students to this genre as well as outstanding achievement in performance and scholarship in the field of early music education, Tesserae Baroque Ensemble of Los Angeles with Alexandra Opsahl and Ian Pritchard bringing intimate chamber music of the early 17th century to the splendor of large-scale Venetian polychoral music since 2010, and UCLA’s Early Music Ensemble dedicated to Western vocal and instrumental music from historical periods prior to 1800, More recently several groups have burst on the scene: Los Angeles Baroque—LA’s only community Baroque orchestra, founded by violinist Lindsey Strand-Polyak and cellist Alexa Haynes-Pilon in 2016, and most recently, Delirium Musicum, founded in 2018, (winners of the Beverly Hills National Auditions) with its exciting dynamic playing style 

And these are just a few of the many groups and offerings available. As the 2017–2018 season draws to a close take a look at this month’s Concert Calendar for some exciting events and please support the early music scene here in Southern California with your attendance and donation to continue this wonderful tradition.

—Win Aldrich



We want to thank Judy Seki, Lee & Bill Waggener and David Thomforde for bringing the refreshments for the April meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

Marie Lee, Susan Marquez, and Mike Nicholes will be bringing the refreshments for the upcoming May meeting.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

Music Availability

Sheet music for each monthly meeting is available at the OCRS website, The pdf files for the music are usually available a few days before the meeting. If your computer for some reason lacks a program for reading PDFs, click here to obtain the copy of Adobe Reader applicable to your computer system—select operating system, language, and version and then click on “Download Now”.

Sheet music is provided at the meeting only for those who have paid the sheet music printing fee in addition to their membership dues.

If you indicated that you will print your music and you’re unable to do so for a particular meeting, you will need to contact another member to ask him or her to print your music for you. If you can’t contact another member, please arrive at the meeting early and ask another member whether you can look on to his or her sheet music for the evening.

Soprano players please also bring another size recorder and print the music for that part. This gives the conductor the opportunity to balance the parts for each piece.



A membership application is included here. Please pay your dues before or at the meeting. Please include a completed membership application with your dues payment in order to provide OCRS with your up-to-date contact information and your election whether to print your own sheet music.

If you intend to pay your dues in cash at the meeting, please complete the membership application and place it in an envelope with your money, write your name on the outside of the envelope, and then seal the envelope before giving it to the Treasurer. If paying by check at the meeting, please paper-clip or staple your check to your completed application. Alternatively, you may mail your dues check and completed application to the Treasurer at the address shown on the application.

Susan Mason

President’s Message

On Saturday, March 24th , the “Bach in the Subway LA” was held all day in downtown at Union Station. The crowds in the morning were impressive, and in the afternoon the crowds swelled with people returning from the “March For Our Lives”. For those of you that did not attend you missed some wonderful performances by LA Recorder Orchestra, Los Angeles Baroque, Noir Saxophone Quartet (who knew Bach could sound so good on saxophones), Roger Lebow on cello, Hollywood Hills Recorder Association, Rio Hondo Consort, and Doug Forbes on bass and Mark Achuff on guitar among may others.. What a fun, festive, and free day of beautiful music- do not miss it next year, it is definitely worth the trip.

With the election of officers for the 2018–2019 season coming up in June, I have included in this month’s newsletter the OCRS Bylaws concerning the duties of officers and the nomination process. This month we need to select 3 members to be on the Nomination Committee who will work to prepare a slate of officers for next year. These both are your opportunity to give back to OCRS and offer your help in keeping our all-volunteer organization thriving and moving forward. So step up and volunteer. 

—Win Aldrich


We want to thank Alva Marques-Walters, Mike Nicholes, and Win Aldrich for bringing the refreshments for the March meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

Judy Seki, Lee Waggener and David Thomforde will be bringing the refreshments for the upcoming April meeting.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.