About OCRS

What to expect at the monthly meeting

Join us for an enjoyable and stimulating evening of music-making. We sometimes begin with a short prelude performance by some of our members. Then the focus of the evening: the music that our conductor has selected for us. We have ten different professional conductors each year who provide us with a variety of music, covering a wide range of periods and styles. The sessions mix sight reading, technique and performance pointers and some historical and musical insights. Halfway through we take a break for snacks and conversation.

Please bring a music stand. Usually you can download the music from the home page to print and bring with you. The conductor will provide only enough paper copies of the music at the meeting for those few who have made prior arrangements and paid higher dues. We play at modern pitch.

We usually have 40 – 60 people of varying skill levels at our meetings. Most players play recorder. Any size is welcome. We have a few gamba players as well, so if you play viola da gamba, join us. Occasionally the conductor will choose music suitable for “buzzies” (and announce it ahead of time on the home page and in the newsletter) and then we encourage everyone interested to bring all the loud instruments of the Renaissance period. Soprano players please also bring another size recorder if you can and print the music for that part. This gives the conductor the opportunity to balance the parts for each piece.

You may attend one meeting at no charge before you decide to join. Non-players are always welcome to come and listen. (We love an audience.)

We meet the second Friday of each month September through June at 7:30 p.m. Here’s our calendar. Some meetings are preceded by a prelude performed by members at 7:15 or 7:20. We meet at Trinity Episcopal Church, 2400 Canal Street in Orange, Calif.  Map and directions

Other events and activities

We host a Spring Workshop each year. This is a full-day event with one or two conductors. We sometimes also have other activities, such as a casual weekend at Halona in Idyllwild in the summer and a faculty concert in conjunction with the workshop. For details see our calendar.

The occasional prelude before the main meeting gives you and your group a chance to perform. Sign up at the meeting.

Members receive by email a monthly newsletter full of news of recorder-related activities and upcoming events.

Meeting etiquette

  • When the President stands to start the meeting, all talking should cease.
  • NO NOODLING  Do not put your mouth on your instrument until the conductor leads the group in playing the piece.  Beforehand, if you need to practice, quietly finger your part without blowing.
  • If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and wait for the conductor to acknowledge you.  If the conductor does not acknowledge you, do not speak.  Please keep comments to a minimum, and direct questions to the conductor, not the person seated next to you.
  • If you have difficulty seeing, hearing, or otherwise following the conductor, move to the front.
  • If you are not given a part, raise your hand or stand up to get the conductor’s attention.
  • Keep your music organized.  Avoid loud page turns and paper rustling


OCRS is a public charity. See here.

Contact us to donate cash or quality instruments.

A chapter of the American Recorder Society, Orange County, California