Free Sheet Music on the Internet

(Updated on 12/13) Thanks to Susan Mason

Each listed website was active when added to the list, but websites are sometimes discontinued or moved to different Web addresses.  (Werner Icking Music Archive)  (free sheet music and sheet music by subscription) Folk songs, holiday songs, etc. arranged for solo alto recorder.  (Acadia Early Music Resources)  (Alain Naigeon’s site for Renaissance Music)  (Herb Wurtzel’s free recorder music scores)  (vocal music from the French Renaissance)  (Calafia Music Guild)  (Cantate Domino) (quite a bit of Christmas music)  (Cantorion Sheet Music) (quite a bit of Christmas music)  (Public Domain Choral Music) (free sheet music and sheet music by subscription)  (Choral Public Domain Library) Recorder Quartet. Free sheet music of a wide range of music arranged for recorders. Many with MP3 files and performances by the quartet at (maintained by Hans Mons)  (Charlie Jackson’s music pages)  (Flauto Dolce, music for recorder and other instruments)  (free sheet music and links to many other sites) (Gardane: A Repository of Music Sites; some free content, remainder by lifetime subscription for 60 Euros)  (Love Schubert’s site for pdf files of classical music arranged for recorder groups.)  (International Music Score Library Project) (Christian Mondrup and Annette Mondrup, recorder music) (select “Archiv – Archive (Ordner – Folder)” at top left of page)  (Laura Conrad’s site)  (Johan Tufvesson’s site)  (Margriet’s website)  (MeanTone Guitar Studio, guitar music)  (site of Alain Naigeon)
  (mfiles free sheet music site) Palmer’s compositions and arrangements for recorder)  (Musica Viva)  (subscription and some free sheet music)  (Mutopia Project, free classical and contemporary sheet music)  (The Old Music Project)  (The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft) – recorder (Peter Billams’ site)  (Philip Perry’s Music Page, bass recorder solos)  (The Recorder Player’s Page)  (Steve Hendricks Music Collection)  (The Sheet Music Archive, free sheet music and sheet music by subscription) (some free sheet music; some for purchase)  (Grupo Vocal Solo Voces, select “Datos Partituras” at top left of page)  (Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria)  (Sibley Music Library at The Eastman School of Music) (by Dulcinea Press. Very inexpensive sheet music.)  (Brian’s Music Page, Renaissance Music)

Sites for midi files:  (Curtis Clark Renaissance Band, midi files))  (The Classical Midi Connection, midi files)  (midi files of Christmas and patriotic music)  (midi files)

Subscription sites (some very cheap):  (free beginner’s recorder course, some free recorder sheet music)  (free sheet music and sheet music by subscription)

Sites for Music Theory:  (music dictionary)  (Type in the name of the music topic you want to read about (for example, “meantone temperament,” “shape note music,” “Praetorius”).  Caveat:  Pages are user-written and the information may not be entirely accurate.

Other Useful Sites:  (Brenda Bittner’s article “Notes on Finding Early Music on the Internet for Printing or Practicing”)  (Musica Antiqua’s site with photos of instruments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, together with mp3s of the instruments being played) (Kung’s video on recorder making.) (How a recorder is made.) (Recorder Radio web radio station)

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