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October 11, 2019
Playing 7:30

Conductor Brenda Bittner

Brenda Bittner
Brenda Bittner

Brenda Bittner has been an early music performer, conductor, and teacher in the South Bay since 1977. She has taught recorder and conducted numerous groups, including groups at Rio Hondo college, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the Long Beach Renaissance Festival, SCRS and OCRS. She plays numerous early music instruments in addition to recorder. She was also director of Bankside Players, an amateur performing group in the South Bay.

Brenda is currently teaching the “Recorders Plus Workshop” at Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation, and conducts the concerts given by members of the class as La Mer Consort. She plays with and is on the Board of the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra and is a member of the American Recorder Society, and the Southern California Recorder Society.


Here is the music Brenda has selected for us. 

“Gambas are welcome on anything. Singers are encouraged on the Gibbons pieces. Louds (crumhorns, shawms, brass, etc.) are encouraged on Choir I of #5 (Choir II is the echo and should be softer). Also anyone playing great bass or contrabass should print Choir 1 for #5. I will also need SATB recorders on Choir II as well as Choir I.

Instruments for the other pieces are as indicated in the Program. There are optional parts for people who play only soprano for #6 and #8. Soprano only players can enjoy listening to #7.”


Silver Swan

1 Silver Swan

Cries of London

2a Cries of Londonx – Soprano
2b Cries of Londonx – Alto 1
2c Cries of Londonx – Alto 2
2d Cries of Londonx – Tenor
2e Cries of Londonx – Bass

Browning Fantasia

3 Browning Stonings

Browning Fantasia

4a Browning Woodcock – Superius
4b Browning Woodcock – Altus
4c Browning Woodcock – Tenor
4d Browning Woodcock – Quintus
4e Browning Woodcock – Bassus

Echo Song

5a The Echo Song – Coro 1
5b The Echo Song – Coro 2

Vive le Roy

6a Vive le Roy (Ut Mi Ut Re Re Sol Mi)
6b Vive le Roy for Soprano not preferred

Missa Hercules dux Ferrariae Kyrie

7 Kyrie Ferrariae (Re Ut Re Ut Re Fa Mi Re)

La Mer Consort Fantasia

8a La Mer Consort Fantasia (La Re Sol Sol) – Alto
8b La Mer Consort Fantasia (La Re Sol Sol) – Tenor 1
8c La Mer Consort Fantasia (La Re Sol Sol) – Tenor 2
8d La Mer Consort Fantasia (La Re Sol Sol) – Bassus
8e La Mer Consort Fantasia (La Re Sol Sol) – Soprano not preferred

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik–allegro

9a Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegrox – Soprano
9b Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegrox – Alto
9c Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegrox – Tenor
9d Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegrox – Bass

If you prefer, here is the zip file of everything: Bittner 2019

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