Upcoming Meeting

March 10, 2023 at 7:30

Brenda Bittner conducting

COVID-19: OCRS strongly recommends that people be fully vaccinated against the virus. Except when playing music, a mask should be worn in the meeting room. The foregoing policies are subject to change as things evolve. If you, or anyone in your family or close group, has tested positive for COVID-19, has flu-like symptoms or has recently been exposed to the virus, please do not attend the meeting.

Brenda Bittner has been an early music performer, conductor, and teacher in the South Bay since 1977. She has taught recorder and conducted numerous groups, including groups at Rio Hondo college, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the Long Beach Renaissance Festival, SCRS and OCRS. She plays numerous early music instruments in addition to recorder. She was also director of Bankside Players, an amateur performing group in the South Bay.

Brenda is currently teaching the “Recorders Plus Workshop” at Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation, and conducts the concerts given by members of the class as La Mer Consort. She plays with and is on the Board of the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra and is a member of the American Recorder Society, and the Southern California Recorder Society.

The program is titled: Music through the Ages 

Note that some of the pieces need a great bass, so please bring one if you have one.  

1 londonderry air
Traditional      SAT / TBG need great bass 

2 Rakes of Clonmel PARTS
 Traditional      SATB

3 Westron Wind Tune

4 Western Wynde Taverner Gloria PARTS
Tavener, John 1490-1545      SATB

5 Ave Regina Coelorum Gregorian
Gregorian Chant      SATB

6 Ave Regina Coelorum Hayes
Hayes, Oliver 2017      SATB 3 page score

7 Ave Regina Coelorum Dufay
Dufay, Guillaune c. 1400-1474      (S)ATB optional; A preferred

8 Ave Regina Coelorum Byrd PARTS
Byrd, William 1540-1623      SATB optional

9 Mozart Fugue in g minor PARTS
Mozart, W. A. 1756-1791      SATB

10 Alleluia In resurrectione Choirs
Handl, J. 1551-1591      SATB/SATB 2 choirs

11 Arise, Awake PARTS
Morley, T 1557-1603      SATTB

12 Springtime Mantleth Every Bough
Morley, T 1557-1603 SAT/TBG need greatbass

Or, if you want it all in a zip file: 230310 .pdf’s for OCRS


7:00 PM Building Open, set up chairs.
7:15 Prelude (if any)
7:30 Meeting Begins
8:30 ~8:50 ~9:00 = BREAK…For the time being, there will be limited refreshments at the meeting. You might want to bring a beverage and munchies for yourself.
9:00 Meeting Resumes
10:00 Meeting Ends


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