Upcoming Meeting

December 9, 2022 at 7:30
Prelude 7:15, Musica Ficta (see program below)

Sally Price conducting

COVID-19: OCRS strongly recommends that people be fully vaccinated against the virus. Except when playing music, a mask should be worn in the meeting room. The foregoing policies are subject to change as things evolve. If you, or anyone in your family or close group, has tested positive for COVID-19, has flu-like symptoms or has recently been exposed to the virus, please do not attend the meeting.

Sally Price
Sally Price

After pursuing a music teaching career for eighteen years in Ohio (K – 12 vocal music and strings), Sally Price made her foray into Early Music through joining Tom Axworthy’s Claremont Graduate School Collegium and Elizabeth Zuehlke’s Baroque Performance Practice class in Riverside.
Sally holds a BFA cum laude in flute performance, as well as a degree in music education (voice). Her graduate studies include string pedagogy at OSU and with Paul Rolland in Montreux, Switzerland. She has studied modern flute, violin, and Baroque flute privately.
In addition to teaching, Sally has always been active as a flutist in orchestra and chamber music. She taught the beginning class for Tom Axworthy’s Rio Hondo College Collegium for several years, and has been an instructor at both Malibu and Ojai Workshops. She was also guest conductor of the San Diego Junior Music Festival, and flute instructor at the Ohio University Chamber Music Institute.
Her publications include arrangements of Christmas carols for recorders, and an original composition published by the American Recorder Society. Sally has served as newsletter editor for OCRS, and has conducted OCRS, SCRS, and SDRS meetings. She has been a performing member of the early music ensemble Musica Ficta since 1984.

Here is the music Sally has selected for us to play:
Program OCRS Dec. 2022,
with the following suggestion: “To make transitions easier, please consider taping the following pages together as noted. This will keep your music sheets together, and they will not be flying around the room if they fall or are knocked off the music stand. “

The Coventry Carol 1) Anon. (Medieval English (1591 version)
1 Coventry Carol 1591~ – Score
Tape the two pages together.

The Coventry Carol 2) (2022 version)
2-1 Coventry Carol revised 2022 – Soprano
2-2 Coventry Carol revised 2022 – Alto
2-3 Coventry Carol revised 2022 – Tenor
2-4 Coventry Carol revised 2022 – Bass

O magnum mysterium
3 O magnum mysterium ~ Willaert
Tape the first three pp. together = prima pars
Tape pp. 4 + 5 together = secunda pars 

Wexford Carol
4 Wexford Carol arr. S. Price – Score
Tape three pages together.

Alle psalite cum luya
5 Alle psaliite cum luya

The Boar’s Head
6-1 The Boar’s Head 2022 – Soprano
6-2 The Boar’s Head 2022 – Alto
6-3 The Boar’s Head 2022 – Tenor
6-4 The Boar’s Head 2022 – Bass

Laetentur coeli*
7 Laetentur caeli ~ Lasso
Tape pp. 1 – 3 together = prima pars and pp. 4 -5 together = seconda pars

Une jeune fillette
8 Une jeune fillette a4 – Score
Tape two pages together.

La Nonette, an Almande
9 La Nonette, an Almande revised ~ Anon. – Score
Tape two pages together.

The Huron Carol
10-1 The Huron Carol – Soprano
10-2 The Huron Carol – Alto
10-3 The Huron Carol – Tenor
10-4 The Huron Carol – Bass

In Dulci Jubilo
11 In Dulci Jubilo

Or here is everything in a zip file: Price 2022

*”I want to change this to “laetantur caeli,” but it seems that the form of Latin above came into use during the Medieval period.”

Prelude for OCRS

Musica Ficta Prelude OCRS 2022
9 December 2022
Nicolette …………………………………..Maurice Ravel
The Great Fugue, BWV 542 ….J.S. Bach
I Piccolo Gamburino ………………..Phillips Brooks/S. Price

Musica Ficta:
Soprano – Sally Price
Alto ~ Jane Smith
Genor ~ Helen Wirtz
Bass ~ Barbara Senn


7:00 PM Building Open, set up chairs.
7:15 Prelude
7:30 Meeting Begins
8:30 ~8:50 ~9:00 = BREAK…For the time being, there will be limited refreshments at the meeting. You might want to bring a beverage and munchies for yourself.
9:00 Meeting Resumes
10:00 Meeting Ends


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