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Malachai Bandy

June 10, 2022, 7:30 PM

Malachai Bandy
Malachai Bandy

A native of Los Angeles, Malachai Komanoff Bandy has amassed a professional performance record on some twenty instruments spanning over 800 years of music history. He graduated cum laude with Distinction in Research and Creative Work from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music with double bass and music history degrees. In recent years, Malachai has performed as a violist da gamba and violonist with various ensembles in the U.S. and Europe, including The Orpheon Consort, Ars Lyrica Houston, and Ciaramella. He is also a featured soloist in Bear McCreary’s scores to the films 10 Cloverfield Lane (yaylı tanbur, 2016), Welcome Home (viol, 2018), and Emmy-winning title theme for the STARZ television series DaVinci’s Demons (viol, 2013), and the videogame God of War (nyckelharpa, 2018). After completing a Wagoner Fellowship-funded individual course of viola da gamba and organological study with José Vázquez in Austria, Spain, and Switzerland, Malachai began graduate studies in Historical Musicology as a Provost Fellow at the USC Thornton School of Music in 2015. He is currently in the final stages of creating the first comprehensive aural catalog of the Orpheon Foundation’s fifty historical violas da gamba (Duino, Italy) with the support of a Presser Graduate Award (2016). His present scholarly interests include topics pertaining to number symbolism in the North-German baroque, as well as viola da gamba technique, repertoire, instrument design, and iconography.

See Covid procedures below.


7:00 PM Building Open, set up chairs.
7:15 Prelude
7:30 Meeting Begins
8:30 ~8:50 ~9:00 = BREAK.
For the time being, there will be limited refreshments at the meeting. You might want to bring a beverage and munchies for yourself.
9:00 Meeting Resumes
10:00 Meeting Ends

For the time being, there will be limited refreshments at the meeting. You might want to bring a beverage and munchies for yourself.

We will check for vaccinations* (see below) and ask people to wear masks when not playing. We will set chairs with as much space as we can, but probably won’t make the 6 ft spacing.

*COVID-19 Procedures for Live OCRS meetings:  You’ll be required to show your vaccination card upon arrival unless you’ve previously emailed a scanned copy to Susan Mason at smmesq@prodigy.net.  The card must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and appropriate boosters.  While in the meeting room, you must wear a mask that securely covers your nose, mouth and chin, except when you’re playing your instruments.  Players’ chairs will be separated as much as practicable, but may not be a full 6 feet apart.
You are encouraged to get tested before you come. Definitely don’t come if there has been any exposure or symptoms.


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