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For Sale:

Mollenhauer Kynseker Soprano Renaissance Recorder

Renaissance recorders according to Hieronymus F. Kynseker (1636–1686), Nurenberg). This model series is constructed following original instruments located in the Germanic National Museum in Nurenberg. We have expanded these models to a complete consort family while maintaining the essential sound characteristics, strong volume, and external shape of the originals. These instruments are especially noteworthy for their stability in the lower register. The fingering is similar to that of baroque instruments (fingering charts). Pitch 440 Hz, single holes

Current Price $502 asking $400. For information Contact Win Aldrich at

Gerhard Huber Model III Alto Recorder in f’, Plumwood

These premium-quality Swiss-made instruments are superior in quality of wood, workmanship, appearance, and performance to most other recorders currently available. The Model III hardwood instruments have a light, clear, well-focused tone that lends itself equally well to solo and ensemble use. All Huber recorders feature extremely easy and accurate response in both high and low registers.

Current Price $765 asking $600. For information Contact Win Aldrich at

Kung bass recorder in pearwood.

Lovely strong sound. Comes with case. Currently around $1800 new. Asking $1350. Mike Nicoles:

Several excellent recorders

Tom Axworthy has several excellent recorders from the estate of John Wilcox for sale. Included are a Dolmetsch tenor and a bass as well as a von Huene tenor with two ivory bands. If you are interested you can contact Tom for details and questions at or 562-773-2265


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