Upcoming Meeting

June 8, 2018

Playing 7:30
Conductor Brenda Bittner

Prelude 7:20 Windsong

Brenda Bittner
Brenda Bittner

Brenda Bittner has been an early music performer, conductor, and teacher in the South Bay since 1977. She has taught recorder and conducted numerous groups, including groups at Rio Hondo college, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the Long Beach Renaissance Festival, SCRS and OCRS. She plays numerous early music instruments in addition to recorder. She was also director of Bankside Players, an amateur performing group in the South Bay.

Brenda is currently teaching the “Recorders Plus Workshop” at Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation, and conducts the concerts given by members of the class as La Mer Consort. She plays with and is on the Board of the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra and is a member of the American Recorder Society, and the Southern California Recorder Society.

Here is the music Brenda has selected for us, and some notes on it:

Most of the music is scores.  Most is SATB.  Gambas are welcome on any of the music.  Some notes:
#2 Dufay has no soprano part.  If soprano players play another instrument they should bring it.
#3 Byrd has parts.  Players should print any they might want to play.
#6 Porque Llorax has a drum part.  I welcome anyone who has a drum to play on this piece (Dumbek’s are good).
#10 is a double choir piece.  I welcome any louds on Choir II of this piece (crumhorns, shawms, brass, gambas).  Also anyone playing great bass or contrabass should print the Choir II part.  I will also need SATB recorders on Choir II as well as Choir I.
1 Sine Pulvere Victor Jeep, J. (c.1582 – 1644)
2 Ave Regina Coelorum Dufay, G. (c.1400-1474)
3 Ave Regina Coelorum Byrd, W. (1540-1623)
4 Honeysuckle Holborne, A. (1545-1602)
5 Night Watch Holborne, A. (1545-1602)
6 Porque Llorax Trad. Sephardic (arr W. Ayton)
7 Greensleeves Trad. English
8 Excerpts from Fantasia on the Dargason Holst, G (1874–1934)
9 Suite Burlesque
   Les Scaramouches Telemann, G. P. (1681-1767)
   Harlequinade Telemann, G. P. (1681-1767)
   Columbine Telemann, G. P. (1681-1767)
   Pierrot Telemann, G. P. (1681-1767)
   Mezzetin en Turc Telemann, G. P. (1681-1767)
10 Laudate Dominum Palestrina, G. (c.1525-1594)
11 Ecco la Primavera Landini, F. (1325-1397)

0 Music for OCRS June 2018 Conducted by Brenda Bittner

1 Sine Pulvere Victor

2 Ave Regina Coelorum – Dufay

3a Ave Regina Coelorum – Byrd – Soprano
3b Ave Regina Coelorum – Byrd – Alto
3c Ave Regina Coelorum – Byrd – Tenor
3d Ave Regina Coelorum – Byrd – Bass

4 Honie-Suckle

5 Night Watch

6a Porque Llorax from ARS

6b Porque Llorax – drum

7 greensleeves

8 Excerpts Dargason

9 Burlesque Suite 5 movements

10a Laudate Dominum – Choir I
10b Laudate Dominum – Choir II

11 Ecco las Primavera

Alternatively, here is a zip file of all of it:

180608 Music for OCRS .pdf’s

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