Upcoming Meeting

March 9, 2018

Prelude 7:20, Windsong, led by Jim Forrest

Playing 7:30

Conductor Lee Lassetter

Lee Lassetter

Lee Lassetter, a member of OCRS, is a multi-talented, multi-faceted musician.  She is organist at Manhattan Beach Community Church, and has accompanied the Senior Choir there on five European concert tours.

Her work with older adults is in the North Orange Continuing Education district, where she teaches the Tonechime Choir at the Anaheim Senior Center, the Senior Chorus at the Cypress Senior Center, and music classes for memory care residents at assisted living facilities in North Orange County.  She teaches individual piano lessons, including students on the autism spectrum.

She was a singing member in the Long Beach Camerata Singers for 20 seasons and worked during that time for nine years as its Administrative Coordinator.  Lee also played second soprano in the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra for two years.  She says it is always great fun and a real pleasure to conduct OCRS meetings!

Here is the music Lee has selected for us:

Beata SATB score

Dioclesian SATB score

O Clap S1
O Clap S2
O Clap A
O Clap T
O Clap B

O Lord S1
O Lord S2
O Lord A
O Lord T1
O Lord T2
O Lord B

Organ Son. VI S
Organ Son VI A1-2
Organ Son VI B1-2

Sein’ Allmacht S
Sein’ Allmacht A
Sein’ Allmacht T
Sein’ Allmacht B

Seid wachsam S
Seid wachsam A
Seid wachsam T
Seid wachsam B

Sicut SATB score
Optional zip file of all the music: Lassetter18
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