Upcoming Meeting

October 12, 2018

Playing 7:30
Conductor Russ Wilson

Russell Wilson served as Professor of Music at Utah State University for 28 years, and just retired to Huntington Beach. While at the college he conducted both the orchestra and the choirs. He also taught Music 1010, one of the most highly sought classes on campus, in which he taught some 1500 college students to play recorder. He was also director of the Castle Recorder Consort and is a former member of Musica Reservata with Leslie Timmons.
He founded the Cache Children’s Choir 27 years ago, which is still operating today with five choirs and some 400 young singers. He has conducted across the country, including invitations to conduct his major work for orchestras and choirs, entitled “Prelude To Glory,” which was premiered by the National Symphony in Washington D.C. He and his wife, Cathy, are recent members of OC


Here is the music Russ has selected for us. He says, “My goal this time around is to just enjoy playing through all of them without working too hard. Some of the pieces only last 90 seconds. It should be noted that all the scores from Il Gardane are color pdfs when you open them. They are designed for A4 (European) size paper, so watch your print settings as you go along, Reduce Page setting should work just fine.”

Program for October 12

Marchetto, Forsi Che Si, parts, SATB
MARCHETTO Forsi che si 1 – S
MARCHETTO Forsi che si 2 – A
MARCHETTO Forsi che si 3 – T
MARCHETTO Forsi che si 4 – B

Cangiasi Canzone 1, 2 16, 20, score and parts in each file, SATB
Cangiasi – Canzone 1
Cangiasi – Canzone 2
Cangiasi – Canzone 16
Cangiasi – Canzone 20

Byrd, Lumen Ad Revelationem, score and parts, SSATB
BYRD Lumen Ad Revelationem SC score
BYRD LumenAd 1 – S1
BYRD LumenAd 2 – S2
BYRD LumenAd 3 – A
BYRD LumenAd 4 – T
BYRD LumenAd 5 – B

Mozart, Lacrimosa, parts, SATB
Mozart – Lacrimosa SCORE – 1 S
Mozart – Lacrimosa SCORE – 2 A
Mozart – Lacrimosa SCORE – 3 T
Mozart – Lacrimosa SCORE – 4 B

La Carillon (folk tune), score and parts in one file
Le carillon de Dunkerque

Zacar, Soleado, score and parts in one file, SATB

Handel, Sinfony, score and parts in one file, SATB

Lully, Chaconnedes Africains, parts, SATBG
LULLY ChaconnedesAfricains – 1 S
LULLY ChaconnedesAfricains – 2 A
LULLY ChaconnedesAfricains – 3 T
LULLY ChaconnedesAfricains – 4 B
LULLY ChaconnedesAfricains – 5 GB

Robles, El Condor Pasa, score and parts in one file, SATB

Or if you prefer, here is a zip file of it all:

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